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The Twin Flame Path Can Be One of Deep Solitude

Some of us choose to traverse the sometimes treacherous, sometimes beautiful path on our own terms, of which our soul set up perfectly and yet we may not be conscious of for years. If we’re the type to meditate and listen to our intuition, we may make decisions without being sure of exactly why we do…

There’s Poetry Running Through Your Veins

There’s poetry flowing
it’s been flowing for thousands of years
It’s just another name
for universal energy
The creator of creation
The Source expressing itself
in its endless forms of expression

Today’s Intuitive Barometer: Major Upleveling Occurring

There’s a new energy flooding the Earth plane from the “Greater Good of All,” from the “unseen” becoming more “seen/heard/felt/understood.” It’s ushering in another level of clarity, of trust in the intuitive gel flowing through the body. It’s becoming a palpable part of the physical structure, as the sacred integrates with the mundane. The two no longer need to be separate energies/entities. And upleveling is occurring.

Self-Love 101: Waking Up To Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome And Complex PTSD: My Story

What it’s like to have just gone no-contact with your abusive mother and said no to the other abusers in your life after waking up to the fact that you have Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome during your “mid-life crisis,” losing everything, AND then have to deal with living in a pandemic! I am a 40-year-old woman …

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