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Self-Love 101: Surrender With Grace

Change. We are all undergoing massive amounts of change right now and much of it feels out of our control. And therein lies the issue…

I’ve Always Been Close to the Truth of Eternity

“I’ve never clung closely to this life
It’s always just been a dream to me
And I’ve been pushed into believing that I needed
to be more here
I’ve always been close to the truth of eternity
And that’s my sacred purpose”

5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Lightbody/Starseed Activations

“Activations are exactly that: activations! They are energy that activates your field and your cellular structure to awaken to anywhere love is not or has not been living. They shake up the dense particles within you and your consciousness so that they can be healed and transmuted.”

How Receiving Distance Reiki Healing Works

“Receiving Distance Reiki helps you get a glimpse into the world of the eternal, the world of peace, the world of truth beyond the masks of the 3D. Receiving Distance Reiki allows you to take a step closer to genuine care for the planet, genuine belief in the rightness of nature and the natural rhythms of Earth.”

Prayers Are Rising

“There is a balancing taking place within and around the planet
The prayers are rising the energy of healing is growing…”

True Love

True love True love doesn’t exist in some luxurious tropical island or some foreign land It doesn’t exist in some place you have to travel to True love exists within you It exists in the cracks of everyday life True love exists in the very moment you dream of it It exists in your own […]

Wolf Totem Medicine

People born of the wolf become natural leaders. The wolf points the way, finds the new path, fears not where they tread, but must become valiant in their leadership.

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