Today’s Intuitive Barometer: Major Upleveling Occurring

There’s a new energy flooding the Earth plane from the “Greater Good of All,” from the “unseen” becoming more “seen/heard/felt/understood.” It’s ushering in another level of clarity, of trust in the intuitive gel flowing through the body. It’s becoming a palpable part of the physical structure, as the sacred integrates with the mundane. The two no longer need to be separate energies/entities. And upleveling is occurring.

True Love

True love True love doesn’t exist in some luxurious tropical island or some foreign land It doesn’t exist in some place you have to travel to True love exists within you It exists in the cracks of everyday life True love exists in the very moment you dream of it It exists in your own […]

Reparenting 101: Unpacking Codependency During Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

It does get better when I put on videos of tai chi, energy medicine, self-healing physically, self-massage, facials, etc. Those are an important new addition to each of my days as I dive deep into self-healing, learning who I am without being codependent with others, and raising myself up out of self-misery, as I take my power back!

10 Ways To Effectively Process Incoming Waves Of Surging Creative Energies Of The Solar Flares

Today’s energy can be considered a surge of creative energy and high-vibration light. Creative energy can be mistakenly registered as anxiety when you don’t know how to channel it. You may be judging your restlessness in a negative light, when it’s probably that you are just afraid of taking the leap into channeling it or you’re still listening to your Inner Punisher’s voice telling you that you’re not creative or athletic. You might be like myself, making excuses for not using it, such as, it’s too cold out, I’m too tired, or there’s just toooooo many choices, I don’t know where to start!

Three Ways To Empower Yourself And Lift Your Vibration

Then I got to thinking, well, if I no longer want this list of things in my life and I am no longer going to tolerate such and such, what is it that I DO want and what WILL I tolerate?

Twinning Before Reunion With Your Twin Flame

So this twinning goes beyond the mind of any human
and any negative theory
because we are trying on each energy of the Souls around us
until we plug into our Twin…

My Twin Flame Recognition And Soul Lessons in the 3D

I became so centered, so quiet. And my Inner Being/Higher Self/That-Voice-Of-Knowing-Within “spoke” inside me through feeling/sentiment, with an authority I didn’t deny, couldn’t deny. I translated it into English within, as this form of my truest essence is vibrating as an American in the 21st century timeline, but it is actually timeless, and exists without form throughout all of everything…

15 Ways To Stop Caretaking/Codependence And Start Empowering Others!

“As we move into a world of more and more desire for sovereignty, we will be able to move into a world of peace, if we can learn to empower others. If we can learn to trust that others’ lives are their own and their path is the right one for them, even if we cannot relate, nor have any interest in the way another is living, we are also freed up to enjoy our own lives! What a concept!”

Ever-Expanding Wholeness Within

I find expansion is ever-deepening, ever-mysterious, and never ending. I find that with each layer of bringing myself home to myself, another layer of vastness enters my consciousness. And then another layer of parts of me arise who need me to address their suffering with greater love and compassion. The cycle continues.

Give Yourself Time To Grow

You do not need to make sense. You do not need to follow a certain path or fit into a schedule. There is no final destination. There really only is right now, and the journey through this life. Once you have stepped off the mainstream matrix way of thinking, feeling, and living, a part of […]