Self-Love 101: Surrender With Grace

Change. We are all undergoing massive amounts of change right now and much of it feels out of our control. And therein lies the issue…

Today’s Intuitive Barometer: The Death of The Death-Rebirth And Samsara Cycle

There’s a deadness in the air today. It’s as if the motors have been shut off, the propulsion forward has ended, and now there’s nothingness. To a part of us, it can feel like we are dying, or perhaps like we’re already dead, leaving us with the false illusion that there is no hope for the future.

10 Ways To Effectively Process Incoming Waves Of Surging Creative Energies Of The Solar Flares

Today’s energy can be considered a surge of creative energy and high-vibration light. Creative energy can be mistakenly registered as anxiety when you don’t know how to channel it. You may be judging your restlessness in a negative light, when it’s probably that you are just afraid of taking the leap into channeling it or you’re still listening to your Inner Punisher’s voice telling you that you’re not creative or athletic. You might be like myself, making excuses for not using it, such as, it’s too cold out, I’m too tired, or there’s just toooooo many choices, I don’t know where to start!

Twinning Before Reunion With Your Twin Flame

So this twinning goes beyond the mind of any human
and any negative theory
because we are trying on each energy of the Souls around us
until we plug into our Twin…

My Twin Flame Recognition And Soul Lessons in the 3D

I became so centered, so quiet. And my Inner Being/Higher Self/That-Voice-Of-Knowing-Within “spoke” inside me through feeling/sentiment, with an authority I didn’t deny, couldn’t deny. I translated it into English within, as this form of my truest essence is vibrating as an American in the 21st century timeline, but it is actually timeless, and exists without form throughout all of everything…

Great Grief And Self-Mystery

Standing on the edge of Grief and watching the bald eagle easily traverse the no-land that it is, expands your heart vision to know the unknown without agenda, to find the little pieces of you still wandering the universes, and to own the power of your Self-Mystery.

8 Questions To Align With Your Core Values And Avoid Fake Success

What does success mean to you? If you’re not in touch with what your values are, you might judge yourself as an unsuccessful person. You might be comparing yourself to others and feel like others are more successful than you. But success comes in many different packages and all kinds of stages. Many of us […]

Raw Food Super Smoothie Bowls Are Incredible Medicine!

Raw food super smoothie bowls are incredible medicine for many ailments, including depression, grief, sluggish and low energy, heartaches, anger, etc… I know from my own personal and recent experience! I was feeding my grief and fear with pizza and non-dairy (but very dark chocolate brownie) ice cream. But my mood and my outlook on […]

The Death of A Parent Anchor

There is nothing wrong with you. If you need to cry all day, stay in bed for a week, eat whatever pleases you, and have some “unacceptable” form of relief, DO IT! None of this makes you unworthy! When you can give those parts of you unconditional acceptance and allow their pain to be a natural part of who they are, you will be able to accept severe grief as part of your wholeness!

Deconstruction and Reconstruction

Current Intuitive Barometer: Deconconstruction and Reconstruction. Let it fall apart. Let it go. Release. Trust. That shit is crumbling to pieces for good reasons. There’s a light so bright within you and you’ve been using all these other structures to hide it. It’s time to stop hiding your shine!