Self-Love 101: Waking Up To Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome And Complex PTSD: My Story

What it’s like to have just gone no-contact with your abusive mother and said no to the other abusers in your life after waking up to the fact that you have Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome during your “mid-life crisis,” losing everything, AND then have to deal with living in a pandemic! I am a 40-year-old woman […]

Holding Sacred Space For Your Healing Self – Compassion For Your Inner Teenager

It’s a good thing I know that this only a part of me and not the whole of me. And I just continue to bring in as much love as I can for her. I don’t push her. I don’t rush her. I just let her speak and sit with her….

15 Ways To Stop Caretaking/Codependence And Start Empowering Others!

“As we move into a world of more and more desire for sovereignty, we will be able to move into a world of peace, if we can learn to empower others. If we can learn to trust that others’ lives are their own and their path is the right one for them, even if we cannot relate, nor have any interest in the way another is living, we are also freed up to enjoy our own lives! What a concept!”

8 Questions To Align With Your Core Values And Avoid Fake Success

What does success mean to you? If you’re not in touch with what your values are, you might judge yourself as an unsuccessful person. You might be comparing yourself to others and feel like others are more successful than you. But success comes in many different packages and all kinds of stages. Many of us […]

Give Yourself Time To Grow

You do not need to make sense. You do not need to follow a certain path or fit into a schedule. There is no final destination. There really only is right now, and the journey through this life. Once you have stepped off the mainstream matrix way of thinking, feeling, and living, a part of […]