True Love

True love True love doesn’t exist in some luxurious tropical island or some foreign land It doesn’t exist in some place you have to travel to True love exists within you It exists in the cracks of everyday life True love exists in the very moment you dream of it It exists in your own […]

Full Moon Intuitive Barometer January 10, 2020

Today’s Intuitive Barometer: Fire, Destruction, Anger at the Destruction, Grief around the loss of it all. When sitting still around this fast-paced and uncertain whirling destructive energy, the fear of loss of control can take over. When we are landed definitively in the direct center of the fire of destruction, hopelessness can set in. Even […]

Twinning Before Reunion With Your Twin Flame

So this twinning goes beyond the mind of any human
and any negative theory
because we are trying on each energy of the Souls around us
until we plug into our Twin…

Reparenting Yourself 101: A Conversation Between My Higher Self and My Inner Child

It’s not your fault for having these feelings. You are still being controlled by your mother within. Her voice is so ingrained in your being that her essence is still controlling you. Now that you have no other mother-figure outside of yourself to project that onto and to continue receiving that abuse from outside of you, even though you try like hell to keep finding these women, she is still the default setting within you…