Cultivating Joy Amidst Challenges

Cultivating Joy amidst the challenges of intensity; how do you do it? The intensity of the last few months has sent many of us into a bit of shell shock. The level of releasing and extreme changes we have been asked to surrender to has caused many of us to find a deeper strength within ourselves, and to find SOULace in our own self-created cocoon.

Deconstruction and Reconstruction

Current Intuitive Barometer: Deconconstruction and Reconstruction. Let it fall apart. Let it go. Release. Trust. That shit is crumbling to pieces for good reasons. There’s a light so bright within you and you’ve been using all these other structures to hide it. It’s time to stop hiding your shine!

Give Yourself Time To Grow

You do not need to make sense. You do not need to follow a certain path or fit into a schedule. There is no final destination. There really only is right now, and the journey through this life. Once you have stepped off the mainstream matrix way of thinking, feeling, and living, a part of […]

Reparenting Yourself 101: Learning Sovereignty, 10 Practical Questions to Empower Your Journey

A sovereign being is one that has the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies (borrowed from wikipedia)…

Introduction to WholeSoul Empowerment

Welcome to WholeSoul Empowerment! I’m here to offer real-world, practical means to thriving in our fast-paced world. I will be offering health coaching private sessions, as well as multiple other options for connection, healing, and empowerment! So grateful you are here! Are you ready to build your life force energy and move out of mere […]