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Change. We are all undergoing massive amounts of change right now and much of it feels out of our control. And therein lies the issue, so many of us only feel safe and secure when we feel in control of our world. However, there is often something bigger and unseen working behind our little worlds we think create our safety.

Have you ever worked tirelessly at making something happen that you believe will be the best thing for you? You believe it will bring you the most happiness. Eventually you feel exhausted and shot down by it continuously not happening the way you want. That’s when you decide to “give up” or surrender. Surrender can also be a conscious choice. You can easily decide to “give up” or stop trying to make things happen, with grace.

It’s ok to feel defeated when you first arrive at “give up.” It’s totally normal. But then, it’s important to release that into surrender and trust. Staying in the defeated and disappointed mindset can lead to anger and resentment, further fueling your fight to make something happen the way you want it to.

Surrender opens you up to options you may not have even imagined. You say YES to other things that may bring you even more satisfaction or even deeper, more impactful lessons you could not have learned for your maturity and personal growth otherwise. They may not be exactly what you planned or wanted, but they increase the richness of your life in ways you could not have known without letting go of the control.


Releasing the need to have all the answers right this very minute is key to finding a more centered sense of peace. Of course it feels uncomfortable as we navigate the waves of the new that sometimes come crashing down on us unexpectedly. And yes, some of this can create a trauma effect on our psyches. But this is a time that our souls are asking us to dig deeper into our often unknown well of safety, security, and well-being that resides within.

We’re being asked to trust ourselves more deeply than all the outside people and structures that we have come to trust instead, the places many didn’t dare question before. We are beginning to see through the facade and into the belly of the truth of their attempts to keep control.

We’re being asked to step forward fearlessly into our own creative powers. Each one of our ideas is valid and we no longer need to be stifled and forced to learn fake facts. Each one of us has the power to both live healthy and wealthy lives and give our children a brand new entrance into the wonders of this world and what real education feels like.

If you truly surrender into this next phase that is preceded by the current chaos, what is it that your heart has to say to you?

~Devon Heart Star

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