Powerful message for today: You don’t need to convince anyone of your worth. You only need to convince yourself.

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Once you’re convinced of your own self-worth, the defensiveness will dissolve. You’ll stop arguing with others in your head who “did you wrong.” You’ll stop attracting those who want to convince you of your unworthiness and into their ideals. Instead, you’ll start aligning with those who are also solid within themselves and who want to focus on the energetic potential of life. Thus creating positive energy out of every situation.

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Once you’re convinced of your own self-worth, you’ll be able to forgive with greater ease. Thus providing yourself with the ability to maintain space for more love and joy on a longer-lasting basis. Your self-esteem will rise, freeing up space for positive energy to have a better chance to stick around longer and to return to quickly after triggers and difficult emotions. Negative energy/thoughts stemming from a long-cultivated false belief of being worthless or unlovable is heavy energy that can get in the way of moving forward and pursuing your dreams. It can also create dis-ease on multidimensional levels.

Once you’re convinced of your own self-worth, you’ll no longer feel like an outcast or the one who doesn’t fit in because you’ll be comfortable with who you are in a totally heart-soul-embodied way. You’ll stop needing the approval of any person, group, or community outside yourself. You’ll be filled with your own love, approval, and security within and you’ll start feeling the exhilaration of creating your world from a place of purity and joy.


Five Ways to Cultivate Self-Worth:

#1: Self-worth comes from being able to honor yourself and your life, all the things you judge as good or bad, all the decisions you made, all the mistakes you feel you made, all your regrets, loves, choices, behaviors. And then taking a stand and proclaiming your right to have a rich and full life! All of it makes up who you are! Now you have the freedom to improve any area of your life you want, but only for the purpose of aligning with the integrity that will improve how you feel about yourself and your actions, not for any other reason.

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#2: Self-worth comes from abandoning the stories other people have created about you or for you or that you have created for yourself. It’s about grabbing hold of the horns of that bucking bronco of endless thoughts, analyzing, and the ferris wheel of ruminations going on seemingly without your permission in your head and saying, STOP! I will no longer be swayed by your power!

Photo by Daryl Wilkerson Jr on Pexels.com

#3: It’s about applying 100% compassion to whatever arises within you; whatever feelings, emotions, reactions, thoughts or false beliefs that want to overrun you and sabotage whatever project you’re working on, and offering it all love. Talk to yourself like you would your best friends when they are hurting. Give yourself time and space. As much of both that you need.

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#4: Self-worth is about celebrating your boundaries. It’s about freeing yourself from the codependence of pleasing others or saving others from pain. Ask for time. Ask for space. Say No, that doesn’t feel right.

#5: Self-worth develops as you begin to realign your total being with your own truths, no matter how different they may be from others. It’s about owning your power to carve a new path, to slash through beliefs based upon lies, and machete your way through the jungles of endless information clogging up the direct pipeline to your highest self, to thriving.

Nothing is more important or powerful than being connected to your whole self.

Bless you on your journey to your inner strength,

Devon Heart Star


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