It was in massage school in 2009 that I discovered my interests and passion for energy, energy healing, and energy therapy begin to blossom. I naturally and organically began to notice my heightened sensitivities to the varying energy streams in the human body, as well as the environment around me. I truly had no real idea about energy or to what I was awakening.

I was blessed to have a close friend I met in that 15-month, in-person, hands-on classroom setting, who was already a master of energy and energy healing. I was lucky enough to have her become a mentor to me and to support me in sparking an awakening to my sensitivities and gifts that would begin arising from then on. Essentially, she guided me to understanding energy while we were simultaneously learning the power of therapeutic massage. More importantly, we forged a bond that is the strong and wonderful gift of our friendship that has been a rock in my life since. Her healing energy and somatic therapies combined with Craniosacral Therapy is a transformative experience that is both out-of-this-world and grounded in the practical, physical world. You can find her here: Wyldwood Sanctuary. You can experience this healing online with her now. I highly recommend it!

By 2015, I had not only continued my physical Massage Therapy education, but I had also studied the subtle art of Qi Gong (a practice used as medicine for thousands of years in China, read more here: Qi Gong Institute of Rochester), Shiatsu and energy diagnosis (also known as Acupressure, read more here: Shiatsu: Taking Charge of Your Health and Wellbeing) for humans and horses, Astral Travel (read about it here: What Is Astral Travel?), and I slowly went through the three levels of Reiki, becoming a Reiki Master (here’s a very thorough article on the subject: Becoming A Reiki Master.)

These practices helped me become adept at understanding the subtleties of energy and how we are all made up of energy. There is an actual measurable field of energy surrounding each of us and each thing, even the Heart has its own magnetic field! Attunements to Reiki and other healing energy therapies open up your intention to activate healing energy for yourself and others. Your field shifts and changes with your particular intentions, as well as with whatever is in your environment and what you surround yourself with, including what you choose to focus on (people, television, media, food, music, thoughts, etc..) All of this is information will have an affect on and inform your subtle body, or energy field.

Animals are particularly sensitive to Reiki and Healing Energy, as well as your intentions. An animal can always sense the intention behind your actions and can feel your thoughts. Thoughts are also energy, so being in control of your thoughts is one powerful way to stay healthy on all levels. It takes dedication and actual physical energy to focus on your internal world of creation. You are a main creator of your world!

Receiving “Distance Reiki Healing,” aka “Absent Reiki Healing,” is just as effective, if not more than, actual “Hands-On Reiki.” We can connect with other people’s energy field and offer the healing energy flow. Their body and cells are going to absorb exactly what it is they need from the healing, whether they are resting in one place, or moving about unaware.

Here’s a quote from the article Sending Healing Across Space And Time: The Practice of Long-Distance Reiki:

“How does absent Reiki work? Think of a cell phone. It’s not necessary to be in physical proximity to a caller to talk on a cell phone, as cell phones use electromagnetic radio waves to connect with other cell phones. Similarly, Reiki recipients do not need to be in physical proximity to Reiki practitioners to receive Reiki, just as practitioners don’t need to be near recipients to send it. “We follow the Reiki protocol and it connects us,” Libby says, “because we’re all one.”

“Because we are all one…”

When you come closer in contact with your Inner Self, your Inner World, your Authentic Self outside of anything anyone else tells you to be, do, or have, you begin to understand the subtle world of being one with everything and the bliss of the truth of unconditional love.

Receiving Distance Reiki helps you get a glimpse into the world of the eternal, the world of peace, the world of truth beyond the masks of the 3D. Receiving Distance Reiki allows you to take a step closer to genuine care for the planet, genuine belief in the rightness of nature and the natural rhythms of Earth. You can begin to feel trust and begin to release control. Your place is exactly where you are and the Earth will take care of itself, whether you agree to it or not. Your feelings are valid and you are an important part of the story of time. You are not alone, there is always a loving energy surrounding you.

~Devon TwoWolves StarWalker (Heart Star)

If you would like to book a Distance Reiki Healing Session or Crystal Reiki Healing Session, go to my Facebook page

You can find my activating poetry book on Amazon: Embodying The Cosmic Shaman

Published by Devon Heart Star

Spiritual, Health & Life Coach, Shamanic Minister, Global Soul Consultant, Multidimensional Massage Therapist/Bodyworker, Reiki Mystic, StarWalker Poet, 5D Spirit-preneur in constant upgrades, Twin Flame Heart Star merging the As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without

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