Image borrowed from Aleteia

There’s this place of holding both grounds, holding the high vibration and the empathy for those in fear.

There’s a place of wholeness within that feels safe wherever it goes knowing that this time will have an unending effect on the energy of everything

There’s a wave of light behind all of this

I refuse to believe anything less

And yet I feel for those who are experiencing great loss and disappointment

My only way of holding space is to offer my services and to keep my body healthy my energy clear and high

I refuse to give up I have something to offer and I want more from this life

There is a balancing taking place within and around the planet

The prayers are rising the energy of healing is growing

When a need and a heart desire becomes loud that’s when the energy of love and forgiveness can be drawn in

That’s when the answers can become clear

It’s when healing can be most infused Because the broken hearts are wide open

~Devon TwoWolves StarWalker (Heart Star)

© 3.25.20

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Published by Devon Heart Star

Spiritual, Health & Life Coach, Shamanic Minister, Global Soul Consultant, Multidimensional Massage Therapist/Bodyworker, Reiki Mystic, StarWalker Poet, 5D Spirit-preneur in constant upgrades, Twin Flame Heart Star merging the As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without

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