True love

True love doesn’t exist in some luxurious tropical island or some foreign land

It doesn’t exist in some place you have to travel to

True love exists within you

It exists in the cracks of everyday life

True love exists in the very moment you dream of it

It exists in your own heart

In the music that illicits the longing in your bones

True love wanders through your mundane neighborhood

It sneaks around the corners

Where you have walked a thousand times without expecting anything

True love lives in the tears you cry in those moments you feel alone

It whispers through the essence of Mother Nature

And all things Earth

But if you don’t listen quietly

It’ll continued to elude you

And in your fright of missing out on capturing true love,

You’ll run right by it

You’ll miss its subtleties

You’ll miss the wave of satisfaction

That flows to your heart

As the tides of true love

Are always ebbing and flowing within you

True love is a reflection of your desires

That returns you home to your own heart

It’s in those moments of awe

And it holds you in your darkest nights

True love shines in the little flower

And in the smile of a friend

It’s all around you

True love meets you at the crossroads of abandonment and the path

Back to your truth

True love holds your hand

As you stand at the edge of the paradigm shift that is you

It doesn’t run

It doesn’t falter

It flies

True love wraps you in its wings

And holds you as your own Heart Star

Whole and complete

As your own powerful pulsating Sun

A beacon of light

Of love

On an endless voyage through the cosmos

Then one day

As you’re cleaning the kitchen

True love speaks

To you through gratitude

Magnetizing the great vortex

That is your matching binary star

Your twin pulsating Sun

Who’s gravity only pulls you

You swoon the darkness out of each other

Your firelights ignite

An accelerated healing

Back to grace

Back to your truths

Your wholeness

As two burning stars meet

At the heart

True love is reborn

Into a mystery

Anchoring an ecstasy

Within and without

Yet to be seen

~Devon HeartStar

Copyright 2.23.20

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Published by Devon Heart Star

Spiritual, Health & Life Coach, Shamanic Minister, Global Soul Consultant, Multidimensional Massage Therapist/Bodyworker, Reiki Mystic, StarWalker Poet, 5D Spirit-preneur in constant upgrades, Twin Flame Heart Star merging the As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without

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