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Listening with my heart to the song Wolfborn by BrunuhVille ( these words came to me from the medicine of the Wolf Spirit:

People born of the wolf become natural leaders. The wolf points the way, finds the new path, fears not where they tread, but must become valiant in their leadership. They carry massive responsibility for their pack and their tribe. The wise wolf refuses to stay stuck. She refuses to live in fear and without choices. There is ALWAYS a way, howls wolf. Do not get lost on the circular path, do not give in to the lies of those who would wish to control you, to keep you tame. You dear one, are a wild beast, and others have some how come to fear the wild and untameable. But you, wild beauty, you will not be stopped, you will not settle. You will traverse wild lands and cross borders and boundaries few will dare to come near to, few will dare to climb the heights with you, nor cross burning deserts you see as a playground for your traveling feet. There is always a way and you are going to find it, or die trying. You will not stop and you refuse. Do not allow this passion to burn out, do not allow yourself to be swayed into the false belief that there is something wrong with you and that you need to fix this passionate heart of yours.

Get out there and find the others like you, the wild and free. Remember the tribe who truly love you, the sovereign beings who will be treading lightly, yet swiftly by your side, and to your left and right flank. Find out who these beings are. Stay dedicated to your heart and your passion. Your place is on the outside, the edge, the multidimensional. There are answers there for the collective that will have long-term impact for the betterment of your people. Please, we beg you not to give up on yourself! You are needed! Your voice can guide the people. Your howls will guide them toward the way out, the safety they will be needing. They will line up behind you.

What do I do?

Keep connecting to your soul. Don’t give up on the light that you know you are. The place where you thrive, where your greatest joy comes from.

Nature, be within nature, let it whisper in your ear and heal you. Don’t follow the wrong pack, don’t follow the mainstream pack. You know your true pack lies within your Heart. Be with Nature until you attract your pack. You are never alone.

Place your paws on the ground, be wild. It’s time to let go of the idea that you can go back to any of your previous lives. What lies ahead is belonging, oneness, wholeness, purity, clarity, and a rebirth into a New Earth.

Release the dark cover of shame you have been carrying and run wild with the pack in your Heart. You, my dear, are not a shameful being. You have carried enough in this life and this Soul. It is time to be free. Claim your freedom. Claim your self-dom. And move with the power you know is rightfully yours. Do it for yourself.


~Devon TwoWolves StarWalker

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Published by Devon Heart Star

Spiritual, Health & Life Coach, Shamanic Minister, Global Soul Consultant, Multidimensional Massage Therapist/Bodyworker, Reiki Mystic, StarWalker Poet, 5D Spirit-preneur in constant upgrades, Twin Flame Heart Star merging the As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without

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