You are the one who decides what is important in your life. You are the one who gives worth to your choices in life. Whatever you are giving focus to in your life, is what you are placing value on. But your worth does NOT depend on getting anything done, reaching any specific goal, or being any certain title. What one person deems important in their life, means nothing to another, or maybe it has never even been thought about by another.

If you truly think about it and feel about it, you will know that no thing in life has any specific worth. All things are neutral, until we perceive it with our consciousness filter and assign it some kind of meaning.

Even love. If you have experienced a lack of love growing up, you might be giving the need to learn how to love yourself and spread love, a lot of meaning and worth now. If you learned a sense of lack in any area in your life, you may be giving value to increasing abundance in those areas now. Or maybe you are living in emotional pain and your only care is to soothe it or avoid it. Maybe all you are focusing on is the ability to get through the day. Perhaps you are not even conscious that your focus is on all the things you do wrong and “what the hell is wrong with you,” unable to find peace with yourself.

If you can find the observer’s perch within yourself, you can retract giving meaning and power to any one thing. Our emotions can clutter up and clog the highway to peace and truth. The truth that we have more power in our lives than we often realize. We give over our power to the false beliefs and patterns that were handed down to us and we still internalize from outside ourselves (from friends, teachers, social media, television, etc…). Sometimes we have no clue that we have any power at all in our lives, until someone tells us we do! Our truth is that we are sovereign beings and often unconsciously, we completely forget that.

A sovereign being is one that has the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies (borrowed from wikipedia).

This is not meant to disregard emotions, but rather to be able to feel them and recognize them, and to be able to detach from their sometimes strong control on our sense of the world and our thoughts. Emotions are important information coming from multidimensional parts of us that can compel us to fall back into patterns, stay stuck, and continue to feed lies to us. A better practice would be to address said emotions and then return to a more detached observer view.

For example, when you see a child hurting, it does not help the child for you to wallow in the child’s pain and get upset with them. They need you to be a source of strength and guide them to solving their issues. Having healthy empathy for the child is natural, and at the same time, you need to be able to hold the observer’s view, allowing them to find their own solutions without saving them. Allowing them to tell you what it is that they need on their own and then respecting those wishes teaches a healthy self-trust, self-worth, and self-confidence. They learn that you are in it together, as partners who support each other, and each of you is your own sovereign being. You are each responsible for your own energy and no one needs to save the other. Enmeshment and entanglement of each others’ energy never needs to take place. Each one feels empowered to trust themselves and a strong sense of self is nurtured.

By using this method with our emotions, we can learn to thrive. We can begin to re-parent ourselves from the inside out. By approaching our inner children (or other parts of ourselves), when they surface into our consciousness through our emotions, with this kind of gentle, compassionate, sometimes firm, empathic yet detached ritual, we can truly begin to step into self-empowerment and inner peace.

There is awesome amounts of freedom in releasing the burdens of attaching meaning to specific things in your life. That does not mean you will no longer feel anything for anything in your life. What it means is that their charge in your energy field will dissipate, a huge amount of life force energy will be liberated and returned to you, and you can start making decisions more aligned with your truth.

Practical Application: Questions to ask yourself:

Close your eyes and take three long, deep breaths…

Where are you placing a lot of focus in your life right now? To what might you be assigning a great deal of value, maybe unconsciously, that is not empowering you?

What would it feel like if those things no longer has so much control over you? What effect would letting go of the worth you give it, have on your life, your beingness?

Where does your mind tend to wander off to or stay preoccupied?

Where are you feeling guilty, shameful, fearful, or self-punishing?

Is there any place in your life you feel like a robot and are just going through the motions? Why do you feel you need to keep doing it? What are you really afraid of doing differently?

Are there places in your life you are seeking out others’ approval and need others to feel loved?

Are there things you feel very passionate about, heated over, excited by, or thrilled by? What are they and why do you think they illicit these kinds of feelings in you?

Where can you pull back your power and stop giving meaning to thought patterns no longer serving your empowered sovereign being?

Where are you allowing precious life force energy to slowly leak out to the past or the future?

~Devon TwoWolves HeartStarWalker

© 2019

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Published by Devon Heart Star

Spiritual, Health & Life Coach, Shamanic Minister, Global Soul Consultant, Multidimensional Massage Therapist/Bodyworker, Reiki Mystic, StarWalker Poet, 5D Spirit-preneur in constant upgrades, Twin Flame Heart Star merging the As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without

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  1. Great list of questions to begin feeling the awareness of where we are at in relation to so many aspects of life. You write so eloquently about the need for compassionate response and holding of our most tender places. Thank you for birthing this into the world. 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I want to be able to serve others from my own experiences and find ways to support their own growth, too. My writer’s voice is often a lot of what I need to hear for my growth. Feels like maybe Opal and 4D Devon…? Thank you for taking it in and listening 🙏💜


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